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How the most upvoted C question was another question

A post about the --> operator in C and why it works, even though it does not really exist.

The beauty of creative problem solving

A few methods in C to divide a number by three, without using any arithmetic operators. We dive in a few creative solutions.

Syntactic sugar in C: accessing arrays

A small example of syntactic sugar and the unexpected side effects in C by looking at arrays. Bonus: you'll also learn what commutative properties are.

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    Het huisdossier


    March 2020 - Present

  • United Marine Services Group

    United Marine Services Group

    Intern Embedded Systems Engineer

    August 2020 - January 2021

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    Team Phidippides

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    Februari 2020 - June 2020

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    Embedded Systems Engineer

    September 2019 - April 2020