Hi, I am Robin Martijn

I have a very broad interest, from back-end development to embedded systems. I blog about everything that interests me.

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Problems in low-level code are easy to make and can often have enormous consequences.


Background of code

Most of what we do, we take for granted. But why are programming languages what they are?


Project management

Programming can be a challenge, but managing a big project can be an even more significant challenge.


Welcome to the dark side

Developers can also have fun sometimes. I dive in code challenges and explain them to you.

Engagement is growing

Although I am mostly blogging to fulfil my own interests, I also love to see that so many people are interested in my stories.

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Embedded systems

Embedded systems are by far the most interesting. Seeing your products come to life is fantastic.

Low-level programming

The processor of the Apollo 11 computer had processor that ran on 0.043 MHz, and nowadays apps are developed that make your iPhone crash.

Open source

The open source world is a fascinating world. Which projects thrive and which don't? And especially: why?

Data science

Knowledge is power, and that power belongs to the data scientists nowadays. What data can we collect and how to use it?


I am enormously interested in the specifications of programming languages and the results that come out of them.

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